May 15, 2010


This May finds me lawn-less at last. I thought it was a small patch of lawn until I started digging it up. Then I had to pull out countless tree roots and dig out the periwinkle that crept in from next door. I gathered enough rootings to plant the entire space, which saved me a bundle as they're around $35 a flat now. All this done during my little Sweet Pea's nap time. It doesn't look good now but it has a long season to grow and should fill in nicely by Fall. Can't wait until Spring to see my new blue-flowering periwinkle lawn.

May has confused itself with April and we've been saturated these past few days with up to 4 inches in suburban areas. That's more than the average total for the month.

The fragrant Korean dwarf lilac is in bloom as are the 'Lorelei ' iris. The orange iris would've been opened if we'd had more sunshine but its been Irish weather all week.

The gorgeous white snowball viburnum that belongs to my neighbor flows over into my garden and leaves its sweet fragrance. The Forget-me-nots have appeared and so have the Dianthus from last year. My Christmas Poinsettia survived as you can see in the photo above. Some deep purple pansies love the recent cool weather and have hung on longer than expected.

Visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens to see what's blooming around the U S of A.

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  1. I think your new lawn will be lovely! I like the phrase, "May has confused itself with April"! So descriptive :)

    Another blogger described it as "menopausal weather".

  2. I think March was warmer than May here Carolyn - very unusual.

    Yay for going lawnless. I'm sure that will never happen here - they don't call my husband the Lawn Man for nothing!

  3. You are brave to get rid of all of your grass. I am sure the periwinkle will be beautiful and definitely low maintenance.


  4. A periwinkle lawn sounds lovely! The months have been confused, haven't they? I've been waiting for May 15 for forever, it seems, to plant annuals and some warm-weather vegetables, but it's so cool and rainy now that I don't know when they will get in the ground. We'll probably have 90 degree days in June:)

  5. Indeed, May has confused itself with April in many locales, Carolyn; we've gone through a patch of that as well, and now the pendulum has swung the other way, to overly-warm, at least in the Valley. Here, we're wrapped in fog!
    I love the idea of a periwinkle lawn, Carolyn--it'll make a wonderful creation!


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