May 7, 2010


Standing an impressive 3 feet tall and wearing a crown of yellow and orange flowers, Fritallaria imperialis, or crown imperial, nobly rules the April garden for 2 weeks.

Named after the imperial gardens in Vienna, the Fritallaria may not be a  favorite when it comes to fragrance -it smells like overly ripe garlic.  P-yew!  But the rodents, deer and rabbits don't like it and I think it's majestic beauty more than makes up for its stinky smell.  Actually its the bulb itself that smells and once planted I haven't detected an obnoxious odor.

It now comes in a stunning red but thus far I haven't seen any at the garden center so I may have to order them on-line.  The bulbs are not cheap-fetching $8 and $9 each but they are reliably hardy.

Written by Carolyngail at Sweet Home and Garden Chicago All rights reserved


  1. I am going to have to grow this one again Carolyn. I had this bulb many years ago in another home, and you are correct, it is beautiful!


  2. Definitely regal. :) Very pretty.

  3. It is a magnificent plant and would certainly make an impact in any garden ... I do rather like the bright yellow one!


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