July 7, 2010

A Month Early but Welcome !

                              Mugungwha, translated as "immortality " in Korean

The first record of Hibiscus syricus in Korea dates back 1,400 years .  After being liberated from Japan following WWII, the Koreans chose it as their national flower because it was in bloom on their independence day, August 15.  That's also around the time it blooms in my garden but this year, due to the unusual weather we've had, it's a month early.

I love this shrub because of its endless blooms that last for about 3 months.   In addition, it's very adaptable and hardy, rarely prone to disease,  making it an ideal plant for this zone.

Written by Carolyngail at Sweet Home and Garden Chicago All rights reserved


  1. Wow, a month early! I know the Becky Shastas are huge this year, but I didn't realize that it affected the bloom time of other plants. I did notice that the daylilies seem unaffected by the rain and are the same size and blooming at their scheduled time.

    I have the tender Hibiscus on my patio and they are twice the size as when I potted them. What a stange weather pattern!


  2. Do bees curl up in there with a good book? It looks so cozy!

  3. I inherited four large specimens when I bought my house -- I love the flowers but the self-seeding drives me crazy -- so many, many seedlings every year -- they are easy to pull, but such a nuisance. I will think long and hard about before planting this at a new home, no matter how much I adore the flowers.

  4. How interesting that it's blooming already, Carolyn. Here, they only started to leaf out a few short weeks ago. I should say at my sister's, because she has several; I don't bother with them any more because they pout about my wet clay soil and wet winter weather and cold wet clay and weather...

  5. Very pretty Carolyn! I love the soft color.

  6. That is a beauty! I've noticed certain plants blooming earlier than usual this year, too. I just got finished commenting to someone who planted 2 plants she wanted to bloom at the same time that didn't, that maybe they would next year, because things don't always bloom at the same time each year.


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