August 1, 2010


"Let me enjoy

this late-summer day of my heart

while the leaves are still green

and I won't look so close

as to see that first tint

of pale yellow slowly creep in.

I will cease endless running

and then look to the sky

ask the sun to embrace me

and then hope she won't tell

of tomorrows less long than today.

Let me spend just this time

in the slow-cooling glow

of warm afternoon light

and I'd think

I will still have the strength

for just one more

last fling of my heart."

- John Bohrn, Late August

Written by Carolyngail at Sweet Home and Garden Chicago All rights reserved


  1. Oooh Carolyn - you've had a blog revamp since I had a look a few hours ago to see if Muse Day was up! It's looking good :)

    I've found a quote for today which fits the garden of my dreams this month rather than the actual reality...

    Have a good Muse Day everyone!

  2. Hey VP and congrats on being the first to visit my new revamp ! As technically challenged as I am I'm proud to say I did it myself .

    I'll be over to visit your garden. Thanks for joining in Muse Day.

  3. Those are nice looking patty pans!

  4. Another excellent poem~Like the revamp~Isn't it fun to make a few changes~ Here's my Muse day post

  5. My Muse Day post is up very late, but you will see I have been very busy! I like those squash, but I am not looking for yellow tints. I love your new look and admire your skill and perseverance.

  6. Hi Carolyn, I liked this blog design, too. (We have good taste!) ;-)

    Your poem seems to echo my reminiscing. It was fit for the two of us. Your Muse Day is a perfect time for reflection (and an excuse to reflect).

    I was going to say, "My post is up," but you've already found it!

  7. Happy Muse Day Carolyn and let's hope that the
    the 'last fling' lasts long. My muse day post is up now :)

  8. I love this poem, Carolyn! I, too, am not ready for that first hint of yellow to creep in...let's enjoy these last few long days of summer while we can.

    I echo the comments about your new look--I like it!

    I'm a little late this month--a flu bug kept me down all weekend--but I've posted my Muse Day contribution this morning, too.

  9. Love the poem Carolyn, and love your blog's new look!

  10. Beautiful Carolyn. I forgot to join in, but I did write a piece about my grandmother which was definitely a musing. I wish I'd remembered. Love your poem and the photo of the squash. Also, your new template. Very soothing.~~Dee

  11. Happy Muse Day all and thanks for joining in. I'll be over to visit your posting.


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