September 15, 2010

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day-Sept.15,2010

Below is the Fall garden project I began on labor day .  I've turned my entire back 40 into an ornamental kitchen garden, combining fruit, flowers, vegetables and herbs.

I've also added blueberries - a Northland and Bluecrop which is planted in almost total acidic pine fines.  Its hard to get enough acid for blueberries so I'm adding an acidifier as well.

Bluecrop Blueberry -one of the finest cultivars.

My pattypan or scallopini squash is bearing its second crop.

Sweet Autumn clematis has bloomed and is sending its fragrance all over the garden.

The tomatoes are still ripening and I'm waiting for the eggplant to bear.  Of course I'll pull some tomatoes green to fry up.

The weather has been fantastic and there is still much to do before the snow flies. At our annual garden center sidewalk sale I bought a coldframe and vegetable and herb seeds for Spring planting. 

Happy September bloom day to all.  Visit Carol at Maydreams Gardens to see what's blooming all across the US of A.


  1. The renovation is looking great Carol. I am also getting excited about changing a few of the beds.


  2. I really like what you are doing on the back 40. Wish I had a back 40. I would do that also. My kitchen garden is one pot with a few herbs. I like designing them, but no space for them.

  3. aloha

    i'm enjoying touring your garden with you today, i'm really enjoying my visit. the mosaic you started off with sets off the tour so nicely :)

  4. Hi Carolyn,
    This is my 3rd time to visit your garden blog and you're already on my blog favorite's hit list! :-) I love your artistic watercolor background and the "square" picture design in your top photo. I've got to learn how to do this! Your plants and blog are absolutely stunning. I'm inspired each time I visit. And...your paintings remind me of Matisse + Rousseau. Such a nice style.
    I'm new at garden blogs, but come visit when you can.
    David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston :-)


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