October 1, 2010

Garden Bloggers Muse Day -From Sweet Carolina

" Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina in the morning ... "  except maybe when its pouring rain ?   But because of the record breaking heat and drought it's most welcome . There was a gentle but steady rain all night long.  When I went out for my morning walk I saw puddles of water everywhere that the soil didn't absorb.   Oh, no, don't tell me -clay?! Why should I be surprised?

  I feel a close connection to this beautiful state as the first documented record of my Irish ancestors show they purchased 150 acres in Mecklenburg County, ( near Charlotte, hometown of Elizabeth Lawrence )  North Carolina in 1773 for the sum of 80 pounds, a good amount in those days.  Now that's my idea of a country estate.

My daughter and her family are re-locating to the Tarheel state and of course Mawmaw had to go along to make sure her Little Sweetpea, Lea, is well taken care of.   There'll be a lot of adjustments to make but one thing they've already discovered is that its easy to like the polite manners and hospitality of neighbors and the locals . 

Meanwhile I'm looking forward to meeting fellow garden bloggers and visiting some of Carolina's finer gardens.

Leaving you with a video of one of North Carolina's most famous sons and America's country boy from Mt.Airy , Andy Griffith :


Written by Carolyngail at Sweet Home and Garden Chicago All rights reserved


  1. Oh, Carolyn . . . thank you for sharing this treasure. I am all smiles. Lucky you to be heading towards Charlotte . . . after the horrid heat. Beautiful city! The trees!!!! Happy Muse Day!

  2. Great song. :) Enjoy your sojourn! My GBMD is posted here: http://wp.me/p2bM3-1sW

  3. It's more a statement than a poem today Carolyn, but a good philosophy to try and follow when Autumn (fall) is truly settling in for the duration.

    I hope your daughter's settling well into her new home.


  4. A new home is always so exciting. And exhausting. How wonderful that Mawmaw can be along to help. And rain too. We are all enjoying that. You have a move to celebrate - I have a wedding.

  5. At least today was nice in Carolina! Since you are in my neck of the woods, you might want to play James Taylor's songs -- he's our Chapel Hill claim to fame, too.

    Did you know that Andy Griffith went to college at Chapel Hill? He was in the same drama classes with a relative. Andy was in the Lost Colony play, written by Paul Green. I live one mile from Paul Green's home here (which is for sale, if you want to run a B&B in the Chapel Hill countryside)!

    Hope we get together with Helen this week!

  6. Thanks, Carol. Oh the trees are gorgeous-50 to 60 ft. magnolias everywhere and of course the pines that remind me of my home in Alabama.

  7. Thanks, Nancy, I will. Be over to visit your GBMD post soon. Thanks for contributing.

  8. Yes to both exciting and exhausting, Pat. . Look forward to reading your post . Thanks for joining GBMD.

  9. Thanks, VP. I look forward to reading your musing for GBMD.

  10. I love James Taylor, too, Freda.

    I'd love to buy the Windy Oaks Inn if you've got a few million I could borrow? :-)

    I look forward to meeting you and Helen soon.

  11. What a lovely video Carolyn - thanks for sharing it.

    I can imagine how much you'll be missing little Lea. Look out Carolina - something tells me you'll be seeing a lot more of Mawmaw!

  12. I just wanted Andy to sing and play a little, too!


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