October 25, 2010

The Last of the Last

October has been warm, sunny and dry.  As I was watering and weeding yesterday I realized that my efforts to eradicate Feverfew had, for the most part, been successful until I found the last one .

The most obnoxious weed/flower in existence, Feverfew grows so fast it can sprout up in just a day.

Speaking of last ones, 'Bee's Jubilee' clematis which has been blooming sporadically throughout the summer has put on her final show.

And of course there's always the last rose of summer .

And its a 'Knockout' !


  1. Last blooms are so dear to our hearts! Your clematis flower has a wonderful place to climb on! As for the feverfew, I have some that grow where other plants don't want to grow, and that is fine with me.

  2. Carolyn, I love the way your Bee's Jubilee is winding it's way through the sun god. Mine never rebloomed this summer, hope it's not gone.


  3. Love the clematis embracing the sun Carolyn. Last blooms are so precious.


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