November 22, 2010

Beyond Burning Bushes -Fall Color in the Garden

November has been one of the best that I can remember and indeed one of the warmest on record here in Chicago.   The colors were also spectacular this year and I was amazed how many of my  perennials, shrubs and trees  show off their Fall finery.

Quite often burning bushes are the only Fall color in many landscapes but there are so many other options such as the ones shown above :  Maples, azaleas, spirea, bergenia, boston ivy, viburnums and oakleaf hydrangeas .

A garden with interest for every season - Tulips, Daffodils, Pansies and other bulbs in Spring,  Lilacs, Roses, colorful perennials and annuals in Summer,  Viburnums, Maples, Mums, Asters and Oakleaf hydrangeas in Fall and evergreens for Winter make a great palette.  Of course the bounty and beauty of an ornamental Kitchen garden is also delightful.

As I close the garden season for this year I am grateful for the extra month that Mother Nature provided.    Soon the snow will cover my still blooming Dianthus and Mums and I will begin dreaming once again about Spring and a new garden season.


  1. There have been some great colors this year, prettier than I ever remember.


  2. I'm grateful for the late fall weather too. I still have more bulbs to plant, but I got through a lot of them. Your collage is beautifully done with all the fall color we have. I understand why people like burning bushes, but they aren't so good for us. :) ~~Dee


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