January 2, 2011


A loud thunderstorm woke me at 6:30 and the rain came down in buckets. The outdoor thermometer read 45 and the weatherman said it would be 55 before the day was through. 

I grabbed my trusty old sneakers and out the door I went to enjoy the April-like last day of the year.

The snow had melted during the night and there was a lot of green to be seen everywhere .    Christmas has come and gone but there were still many festive exterior signs of her , a few of which I captured on my stroll around the neighborhood.

Good things such as this April-in-December day are as rare as hen's teeth and I'm pleased to say I enjoyed every minute of it.  Tomorrow we'll have the usual Chicago weather :  Cold, change of snow, and bitter winds.  But today, it was April.


  1. Hi Carolyn, we were so glad that it had warmed up for another reason. We were downtown on Thursday night to visit my nephew's restaurant on Clybourn and on the Eisenhower my daughter's car had a flat. All six of us piled out to take up seating on the embankment until IDOT came and put on the spare. The kids were pretrified but it was quite warm and we all said we were thankful it wasn't freezing.

  2. I love a warm winter day! Enjoy.

  3. Here in Connecticut too, we've enjoyed a brief respite above freezing - so nice for housebreaking a puppy!

  4. The weekend's weather certainly was unusual. I'm glad you enjoyed it and were spared the severe storms--as we were; people in St. Louis and Arkansas weren't so lucky. It's nice to see the green grass again for a change.

    Enjoyed your Muse Day poem; I feel badly that I didn't participate this month, but I hope to join in again next month.

  5. we had a few April days here, as well, but now temperatures are back to 20 and below. However the cats have found a place to snooze in the sun.


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