January 15, 2011


   May Flowers by Moi

Here we are in the first GBBD of the new year 2011.    Naturally the only thing still in bloom at Sweet Garden Chicago is my Christmas poinsetta , some paper whites and the flowers I paint.

But I have a lot of green -rosemary, cacti, ponytail palm and geraniums.  The geraniums always look sickly but when I put them out in the Spring they perk up real fast so I always save them in the Fall.  Coleus is another wonderful annual that makes a good houseplant but I was too late in taking my clippings in this past season.
No blooms but lotsa green

My new grow light keeps the pointsetta blooming and the rosemary fresh.

While in Carolina for Christmas I shall never forget the scene - beautiful velvety faces of pansies peeping up at me from their white blanket of snow.

 Happy Bloom Day and don't forget to visit Carol over at May Dreams Gardens who created this wonderful occasion.


  1. I love all your green! Thanks for joining in for bloom day so faithfully.

  2. Lucky you to have a grow light! And your pointsettias are gorgeous - I never fail to kill mine within 2 weeks (which is really pathetic since I live in California!). Do I sound a little envious? ;)

  3. I enjoyed coming her to see your art. And you were in Horticulture, what an honor.

  4. Carolyn Gail, Your green window display is so appealing - who cares if there aren't flowers just now?

  5. Hi Carolyn! Your green plants look so happy! Maybe I should bring some of my succulents from the garage. There is no enough light for them there.

  6. What wonderful scenes Carolyn! The greenery in your home is so refreshing. Love the light and the beautiful photography!

  7. I would say you have lots in bloom, Carolyn Gail! All the green reminds me of spring, which is only two months away.


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