March 19, 2011

Aiming and Fixing

Been aiming and fixing to :

Put this coldframe I purchased last year together.

 Paint this rusty chair I found in the alley.

Clean up the potager.

Put up this birdfeeder my neighbor gave me.

Put a border around my herb garden .  Don't throw away the red twig dogwood branches, they make a nice border.

 I do believe my aim is getting better -I managed to do  four out of five this time.  I'll save the coldframe and seeds for another day.

Written by Carolyngail at Sweet Home and Garden Chicago All rights reserved


  1. Love that use of the red twig dogwood! Things will get hectic very soon, trying to do a little each day.


  2. Love how you reused the dogwood twigs! And, how great is your chair find! Love the bright yellow. so many plant choices to put in that pot!

  3. At least you are making major headway. Your dogwood border looks great. Plus that old chair got new life. Looking mighty good!

  4. Way to go, Carolyn! All we can ever hope to do is the best we can... and I'm making this year's list now. :-)

  5. Thanks for the wonderful feedback on this week's column.

    Now let me say that I covet your planter chair! So cute (I also rather LIKE the yellow, but only you know what works for you).

    Great site and I look forward to following you for more.

    I also had never thought of the missing "G" in HGTV's programming but I can assure you - I do NOW!

  6. Thanks, everyone. Although I love blue, everybody and their uncle has it so I tried yellow, having always been partial to it ( it's the first paint I run out of when I'm creating my art ).

    Hey Kimberly, thanks for visiting. Maybe you can rant about the missing 'G' from HGTV?

  7. I've got an old yellow chair too. Makes a great surround for one of my roses that otherwise tends to get stomped on. The rose is not big enough for a trellis, and it grows nicely in the chair.


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