March 4, 2011

The Chicago Flower and Garden Show 2011: Sneak Preview

Chicago's Navy Pier, host of the 2011 Chicago Flower and Garden Show

This year's theme : The Sport of Gardening
How that theme came about I do not know but I can guess that a man had something to do with it.

My Favorite of all the gardens :   Silent Poetry : The Confluence of Stone and Plants
by Rich's Foxwillow Pines Nursery

Window Boxes

The Always Creative and Outstanding Tablescapes

Two very contemporary gardens

 There were even Chickens in a Coop, first time this year.

And of course, flowers of every color, everywhere, all in bloom.

These are but a few highlights of the many beautiful displays.  The grand opening is tomorrow and there are a lot of interesting seminars, garden chefs, cake decorating competitions, potting parties,kid's activity garden,workshops and photography exhibitions.

A welcome respite from winter that Chicagoans are sure to enjoy.

Written by Carolyngail at Sweet Home and Garden Chicago All rights reserved


  1. It looks great Carolyn, I am headed there tomorrow!


  2. Thank you, Carolyn. Flower Show pics are among my very favorites to browse.

  3. Looks like fun! The chickens are great! LOL

  4. I too love to see flower show photos. Shows are so different regionally, yet much of the product and new flowers make the rounds.

  5. The Foxwillow Pines displays are perennial favorites of mine too Carolyn. Those fantastic confirs really set their displays apart.

  6. I'm enjoying seeing all the different perspectives on the Garden Show, Carolyn. How lucky you were to get an early peek, before the crowds arrived! We went on Sunday, and it was difficult to get a good photo without onlookers in the picture. Like you, Rich's display was my favorite.


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