March 31, 2011

A Frontyard Ornamental Veggie Garden Plan for a Small Urban Plot

Sure to get your neighbor's attention.  " You're gonna what ?  Plant veggies in your frontyard?

                                         Yes, a veggie garden in the frontyard, but one that looks good.  I'm not speaking of rows of corn . Saw that in a frontyard last year and it looked unkempt  .

This plan was designed for a dwelling that has a side entrance and fence around the entire front .  To grow veggies and the plant material in this plan you'll need from 4 - 6 hours of sun .For DIYers the main task here is to prepare the soil , adding amendments as needed. It is more economical to order large quantities of topsoil and garden mix by the load than the bag so check landscaping supply companies in your area.  Pay close attention to the soil in the veggie garden- it must be very fertile, with good compost and manure .  To reduce maintenance an above ground irrigation system, Mr. Landscaper, not only saves 70 percent water, but protects your investment because watering is one of the most important things you can do for a newly installed landscape.  This system is so easy to put together and with the addition of a timer, you can go on vacation and not worry about who's going to water.

Inexpensive trellis for the climbing veggies along the fence can be purchased from Home Depot. 

Once you have an abundance of tomatoes and zuchinni to share with the neighbors I think they'll come around to seeing how a vegetable garden can work in the frontyard. 

Written by Carolyngail at Sweet Home and Garden Chicago All rights reserved


  1. Carolyn, you'll love that veggie garden, and I can't wait to see your design in fruition.~~Dee

  2. It makes perfect sense to put the vegetable garden out front and center and in the full sun. This one will be beautiful.

  3. we had pumpkins in our front yard last year and gave 35 away to the neighborhood kids. jim


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