March 1, 2011


Dear March -- Come in --

How glad I am --

I hoped for you before --

Put down your Hat --

You must have walked --

How out of Breath you are --

Dear March, Come right up the stairs with me --

I have so much to tell --

I got your Letter, and the Birds --

The Maples never knew that you were coming -- till I called

I declare -- how Red their Faces grew --

But March, forgive me -- and

All those Hills you left for me to Hue --

There was no Purple suitable --

You took it all with you --

Who knocks? That April.

Lock the Door --

I will not be pursued --

He stayed away a Year to call

When I am occupied --

But trifles look so trivial

As soon as you have come

That Blame is just as dear as Praise

And Praise as mere as Blame --

-Emily Dickinson

Written by Carolyngail at Sweet Home and Garden Chicago All rights reserved


  1. What a wonderful poem. I have not seen this before. Emily Dickinson conveyed so much in so few words. I am glad March has hurried in - even though she comes clothed in white. Like Emily.

  2. One of my favorite spring poems, Carolyn! I always welcome March, though I'm never quite sure what it will bring. Your photo is perfect, too--the hopeful image of plant cuttings rooting on the windowsill overlooking the snow outside is so fitting for this time of year.

    I'm back to celebrating Muse Day today, too.

  3. I thoroughly, a wonderful poem to start the month and a beautifully sunny, but bone chilling morning. But alas, a month of little but white we are to expect. I hope the month proves anything but ordinary.

  4. Yippee ... Happy Garden Bloggers' March Muse Day, dear Carolyn :)

  5. Great to see March arrive complete with blue skies and sunshine here but a cold wind. One never knows what surprises March has up its sleeve. My muse post is up now. Happy March to you Carolyn :)

  6. Hi Carolyn, I'm happy to start a posting on my site each month. Edith Holden's "Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady" has been inspiring me. I got the book for Christmas and have been reading one month of Edith's diary at the beginning of that month. I very much look forward to seeing how gardening (and gardeners)transcend time.

  7. Love the almost broken spoken prose of this entreaty. Completely unknown to me so thanks for the intro Carolyn and Happy GBMD to you. March has come in with a cold East wind but my muse post is more promising

  8. Emily's poem says it well, doesn't it!? I am tired of being teased. I just want spring and I want it to stay for good. I'm so over winter.

  9. Yea! Happy Muse Day, Carolyn. I'm unable to post this month - boo! It's always fun to see what you write. :-)

  10. Snap! Great minds think alike :)

  11. Thank you all for joining in GBMD. I have visited and read your selections and they are wonderful.

  12. Dear Carolyn, I am up to my neck in feathers! I will be joining you again in April. I love Emily's poem. Though I confess I shall not lock the door to April! March is so cold and heavily laden with icy snon, and I cannot remember a March when Maples blushed. Believe me the birds do not think much of March either . . . at the moment. Nothing has changed from deep February but a page on a calendar. ;>)


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