April 15, 2011

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

Just got back from a 5 day visit with my little Sweetpea down in North Carolina.  Like a beautiful flower she has matured and runs to me with arms up in the air, shouting
 " Grandma ! "

It's been warm in Carolina for at least a month and the Dogwoods along with Redbuds, Camellias and Lilacs, are in abundance.

Back to reality.  Unlike last year, we are experiencing cold, windy days this April.  I was surprised at how much had bloomed since I left-daffodils, forsythia, squill and tulips add a lot of color to the barren landscape.  My dwarf weeping crabapple has just started to show her lovely burgundy foliage.

Meanwhile I have many people breathing down my neck to get started on their gardens.   Chicago winters are just way too long.   Hurry May !

Go on over to Carol's at May Dreams Gardens to see what's blooming in your neck of the woods or around the U.S.A.

Written by Carolyngail at Sweet Home and Garden Chicago All rights reserved

1 comment:

  1. Carolyn, long winter weather, but you are still ahead of here. I know exactly what you mean about people breathing down your neck. Same here. A little early, but seeing one today. Planning early is great, but the nurseries are still not opened yet. Happy GBBD.


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