February 8, 2007


NO, NOT ANOTHER " COWS ON PARADE. " On the left is yours truly, Carolyngail, with the cow she helped decorate for the Chicago Artists' Coalition back in '99 when the cows took over the city. This is also a first for me -the first time I've appeared on my own blog ! What does a country girl do when she sees a cow ? Milks it of course.

When the "Cows on Parade " was going on my daughter called from her office and said, " Mom, I've got you on speaker. Everyone wants to know if the cows with horns are male or female. " Speaker, or no, I couldn't help but utter, " Cityfolks ! Both male and female cows have horns, I replied. Laughter in the background. Click.

Yesterday , our Mayor, Richard M. Daley, announced plans for " Cool Globes : Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet. " One hundred globes will be positioned along the lakefront downtown this summer to bring public awareness of solutions needed to reduce global warming. The show will run from June until September.

Our Mayor is very cool himself. I believe that he is an earth sign like me, Taurus, so he can't help but have a green thumb. And then there was the time I was listening to U.S. 99 country radio and he called in and requested a song . Damn ! I was impressed.

He also brought the country music festival to Chicago. I got to see my idol, Hank Williams, Jr. in person . You've got my vote, Dickie.

Back to Chicago's first. Mayor Daley has done a lot to keep Chicago in the forefront on enviornmental issues , with such programs as adding hybrid buses , green libraries, police stations and public schools. He's even got a gorgeous rooftop garden above city hall ( more about that in another posting. )

Each globe is designed by an artist ( No, I didn't get to do one this year ) and is five foot wide. They'll be auctioned off to raise funds for conservation clubs after the exhibit ends. I think they would look cool as a garden ornament, or placed in the wonderful Lurie Garden in Millenium Park for permanent display.

Our Mayor is certainly doing his part to make our fair city a "cleaner, greener place. " That's one of the things I like best about him, the other is that he is a regular Chicago guy who has never tried to " rise above his raising , " as we say down South.

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