March 14, 2007



Those of you who " called in sick " were smart. It was a toasty 73 degrees ( one for the record books ) according to the thermometer in my back yard. We Chicagoans are winter weary and any good weather , like today, is a gift. I got on my walking shoes and visited the shoreline of beautiful Lake Michigan where I encountered many of my fellow citizens soaking up the sun. There were so many people out it made me wonder if anyone was working.

I also cleaned up all the winter debris from my garden, including dog poop ( yuk ! ) and uncovered some bulbs that were just peeping through all the mulch.

The weather forecaster made me laugh when he said there was a danger of getting sunburned in the afternoon. Bring it on.

I sat under my pergola with my constant companion, Mini-Schnauzer , JoJo and we just soaked up the Vitamin D. My fish pond has been frozen over since the end of February but I noticed that it too had started to melt and I could actually see that my darling fishes were alive ! My de-icer failed to work when it got really cold and I thought that my fish were history. I'm so happy that I dug my pond three feet deep ! I would have been heart-broken if I'd lost my lovely pets after six years.

One more month and this horrible winter will be just a bad memory.

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