March 11, 2007


" I'm Ready for my Close-Up, Mr. DeMille. "
Me with my signature piece ( left ) for the Chicago Art Open

The Home and Garden Section of the Trib is the one I always grab first each Sunday morning. Much to my surprise I got to read about myself in today's edition. in an article titled "From Winner to Designer to Blogger ( link on left ) . My fifteen minutes of fame is very exhilirating and I'm getting carpal tunnel from sending so many links out on my story.

The Chicago Tribune Home and Garden Section announced it's own garden blog , The Chicago Gardener and I want to give them a hearty Midwestern welcome to the blogosphere.

Garden writer and blogger Beth Botts was very gracious in covering my blog and made mention of my mentor Mr. Brown Thumb whom I would like to personally thank here for all his support and encouragement. I hope that Beth will do a separate post or article on Mr. Brown Thumb who is a Pioneer Chicago blogger and the soul of generosity to newbies like me. Much to my amazement he and I and perhaps one or two others comprise all of the garden bloggers in the entire Chicagoland area.

I'd also like to thank Stuart Robinson of Gardeningtips'n'ideas who gave me wonderful advice on blogging and listed me on his gardenblogdirectory. Another directory, Digindirt, has me listed as number 3 out of 117 blogs.

This blogging is much like gardening - a lot of effort, but the rewards will come if you pursue it.


  1. Hey Carolyn

    Thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated.

  2. I'm glad to see the Tribune is recognizing you. It's a great blog, informative and fun to read.

    Thanks for your work on this. I look forward to being a regular visitor.

  3. Carolyn congrats and a very pretty picture! I love your blog and now all of Chicago can enjoy it also!
    That's hard to believe that there are so few blogs out of Chicago on gardening. I know that the whole state doesn't seem to have very many that blog on gardening. I managed to get a shot of my redneck neighbor on Friday.(From my car) I just put up a post while ago. I spent most of the weekend gardening and I think I am ready for a nice long 8 hours or so of sleep! haha
    Again CONGRATS!


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