March 27, 2007


For the most part pest and disease free, tolerant of city pollution and not fussy about soil as long as it it well drained, this harbinger of Spring will even tolerate light shade. These hardy shrubs have been known to bloom for 50 years or more, even when neglected.

'Northern Sun ' and 'Meadowlark ' are two especially hardy cultivars for cold climates. The ideal time for planting Forsythias is Spring and they will be appearing at a garden center near you very soon.

Planting Forsythias in Spring will give them an entire season to put down roots and develop new buds for the next season. For a spectacular sight, plant them over fences and walls and let their branches spill over.

Forsythias are available in different sizes ( there's even a low growing groundcover size ) and colors that vary from lightest to deepest yellow and pink, yes, I mean pink.

This low maintenance, spectacular specimen has something for every garden, large or small and nothing announces Spring with such intensity.

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