March 26, 2007


Sunday was a record smashing 79 degrees and we all went nuts ! It's hard to believe its still March . Just yesterday I was shivering in 40 degrees. Everyone, I mean EVERYONE was outside today and very early I must say. Soaking up the Vitamin D and just acting as if they were in a haze. Just to feel the warm sun on your face and back was heaven. To see the emergence of tiny green things, yellow and purple crocus, tulips and daffodils . Buds are starting to pop on the forsythia, magnolia and crabapple.

I walked up and down my street talking to neighbors who were out doing their Spring cleanup of uncovering bulbs and flowers and at the same time, enjoying the sunshine. Sunshine sure puts everyone in a good mood.

What's blooming now ? Not too much, but depending on how much sunshine you have - snowdrops and crocus is all I saw, and some Siberian squill. If we have a few more days of this we will see a lot more plants emerge and bloom.

We all realize that this day and everyday like it is a gift and that right up until the end of May we could be hit with freezing weather.

The weather forecast shows the warm temperatures will continue until Saturday and Sunday, the days when I am scheduled to work outside. Murphy's law rules.

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