April 4, 2007


Linda writes : Bagged top soil and mulch is too expensive for the amount I need to landscape. Where can I buy topsoil and mulch in bulk for my large Chicago- garden area ?

My source is Buy the Yard in Evanston (http://www.buytheyardinc.com )

The garden mix they carry has all the ingredients you need for a good top soil - manure, compost, peat, etc. and you can also buy other products in bulk - manure and leaf compost, mushroom compost, mulch, gravel, pavers, stones and other landscape materials.

If you measure the area and indicate how deep you want the layer of topsoil they will calculate how much you need and deliver it. Be aware however that they do not cart it to your spot but drop it as close to it as possible so you should be prepared to have some helpers on hand .

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