April 5, 2007


Missy writes : I would like to garden my parkway and plant flowers. I would start in the middle with tall grass. I have to leave a space next to the curb . Anyone have info on what to use or suggest a garden design for it ?

Your first consideration should be the soil in the parkway, which is usually very compacted and deplete of nutrients. In addition, do you have any large trees on the parkway ? If so, planting under them could be a problem due to their extensive root system.

If you have no large trees to deal with, then your first step, after removing the grass would be to apply compost and manure which can be purchased ( as a combo ) at most garden centers or big box stores.

If you wish to plant tall ornamental grasses in the center ( an excellent idea in my opinion )how much space do you have left that needs planting and what do you want -color, or something that would be green year round ( evergreen shrubs, etc.?) Knock Out, the long-blooming rose shrub
( June-November ) would be a great choice and other long-blooming perennials : Blackeyed Susan, Sedum ( for Fall interest ), Cone Flowers, Catmint, Ornamental Strawberry ( low ground cover), repeat-blooming daylilies ( Stellad'Oro) would also work to give you good color throughout the summer.

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