April 19, 2007

Beautiful Betty

Magnolia Liliflora, 'Betty'

This is my dwarf magnolia, Betty, who has resided in my garden for over 10 years during which time she has never failed to bloom. I'm afraid that this year is a different story as the warmth of March tricked her into producing the beautiful plump buds you see above.

Folks chuckle when I call my magnolia 'Betty' and then I have to explain that she is one of the 'little girl' series that the hybridizer named after his granddaughters : Anne, Betty, Jane, etc.

After overnight temperatures plunged into the teens I went out the next day to check on Betty and her buds were frozen purple popsicles .

But, Betty is a Chicago survivor and is a good specimen for the small urban garden, growing to just 5 or 6 feet tall and wide.

No doubt Betty will live to see many more Springs. Like we say about the Chicago Cubs " Wait'll next year. " Seeya, Betts.


  1. hi carolyn,
    I was wondering how that late frost was going to effect everything here. I'm sorry about your tree, but I'll cross my fingers it'll bounce back.

  2. Hi Rosemarie,

    Thanks for stopping by. No doubt the Betty will be back next year, it's just that her blooms won't grace the garden for several weeks as it did for the past ten years.


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