April 13, 2007


View from the Backyard

You know its been a bad winter when the Chicago Tribune editorializes about it. They even have a sense of humor : " Come on, admit it, you wore a winter hat instead of an easter bonnet. "

Quoting from yesterday's Trib editorial 'Winter Always Wins ' : " This then, is spring, with blobs of snow mixed in with rain, high winds, slop on the streets and birds still trying to find chimney edges to sit on to stay warm. It's not fair, but like we said, Winter Always Wins-or at least for as long as it wishes. "

Last year on this day it was 80 degrees. Today we will struggle to reach 50. Thus far, the coldest April in 137 years. You betcha winter always wins.

We hardly ever experience a distinction between winter and summer. One day it will suddenly be summer and our memories of this terrible winter will fade like snow in July.


  1. Wow, Carolyn, the coldest in 137 years? I didn't realize you'd broken that many records.

    Sooner or later all Chicagoland will be rejoicing in the middle of blooms and buds, but it had better happen pretty quickly... I think you guys are reaching the breaking point.

    Maybe the power of a Tribune Editorial will work LOL

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  2. Hi Annie,

    Yes, many records broken this winter and we started off so well.

    Soon as we get warm we'll stop all the griping.

    I heard that parts of Texas had bad storms yesterday, Houston and Dallas I think ? Hope you didn't get it.

    Thanks for stopping by. Y'all come, you hear ?

  3. Carolyn, I feel for you guys up north! We have been covering plants for well over a week here, but at least we have managed to avoid the snow. Tomorrow for us should be nice with highs near 60. Right now, that's a heat wave! I hope you guys get a break. You deserve it.

  4. Hi Kathy,

    Thanks for the good words. We are due a break, plus I've gotta go back to work . I worked a few days outside in the cold but couldn't take it any longer so I gave up. Folks are eager to get out in their gardens and right now the only garden I'm working on is on the drawing board.

    Thanks for visiting, Kathy.

  5. The coldest winter in 137 years? You can blame me, Carolyn...
    We moved away 17 years-ago and just came back, only we now live where the Trib doesn't reach! Too far west!


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