April 12, 2007

Nature's Air Freshener

My daughter Cathy, a floral designer, made the above arrangement for me as an Easter gift. I had forgotten how fragrant hyacinths were. My entire first floor is filled with their sweet smell that freshens the air with its scent.

After last week's freeze, the sight and smell of this Easter arrangement cheered me up. There's nothing like flowers to make you feel better. Thanks Cathy, you know what I love.


  1. The orange-ish flowers on the right are they Fresias? I saw some at HD the other day and really wanted to pick them up.

  2. Good question. I'll have to ask my daughter because it's a bulb I'm not familiar with. Let you know later.

  3. I'm told it is Ornithogalum dubium
    ( Star of Bethlehem ), a South African bulb called Sun Star. You will find them at Home Depot. They make good indoor flowers but are frost tender in Chicago and would have to be dug up and brought inside.


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