May 30, 2007


A Rare Day in May

'Tis a rare day in May when I am able to spend time in my own Sweet Garden Chicago. I have the beginnings of a nasty cold and all my energy is zapped, so I'm taking the day off .

My stone bunny is keeping watch near the front porch steps. On the left you'll see my annuals for this season - coleus which I love because it works well in either sun or shade and my East-facing garden is just that -sun and shade. The garden is a bit drab now that the tulips , daffodils and creeping phlox have finished blooming. But other perennials are lurking in the background, ready to show their stuff.

I spent this morning weeding and planting annuals. I was moaning the fact that most of my flowers were blue, but soon the yellow and purple Iris bloomed and the pink roses came out. My summer garden blooms will be a combination of yellow, blue and pink.

Soon the garden will come alive with the daylilies, blackeyed susans, hydrangeas, phlox and other perennials.

Today will be near 90 so maybe it will help clear up my cold and I'll be back to work in other people's gardens. But for today, I plan to just relax in my own little paradise.


  1. Your garden likes quite tranquil and like a wonderful place to relax. Love the little bunny watching over it all.

  2. Your garden is beautiful. I hope it works its magic and you feel better.

  3. Hi Carol and Ki,

    Thank you both for visiting. I do feel somewhat better today and since the weather is warm I'd better get out in it and sweat off this cold ! Gardeners can't stay sick for long.

  4. So funny that you think your garden looks drab right now--I was just looking at that photo of your east-facing garden and thinking, "Wow, that's beautiful!" The golden colors near the bunny really give it some zing. :)

  5. Hi blackswamp girl and thanks for visiting. The golden color is a low-growing Veronica that hasn't bloomed yet.

    Since I took the photo more plants, such as yellow/purple iris, pinks, viburnum, etc. have added some interest.


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