May 23, 2007


Lettuce Bundles

I am planting a salad garden this year so that I can pick leaf lettuce and use it in my favorite Korean-style meal . We go to the Korean market and buy veggie side dishes from the deli -cucumbers, bean sprouts, radishes, spinach, etc .

Palm a big lettuce leaf, scoop up a bit of each veggie, add some sauce and pop in your mouth. Not only easy and delicious, but healthy as well.

For meat lovers I add chicken, tuna or beef.

Oh, and don't forget the kimchee. If you haven't tasted kimchee, the Korean side dish of hot pickled cabbage, then you are in for a surprise. Especially if you have sinus trouble. It'll clear that up pronto.


  1. Looks absolutely delicious. The kimchee drew me to the photo as I love it so - the best kind of pickle imo. Is that daikon kimchee?

  2. Hi Ki,

    What's your experience with kimchee? Actually, it's not daikon kimchee, just seasoned radish.

  3. We love kimchee but unfortunately haven't learned to make it. We love all kinds but daikon with the green tops added or just the radish green kim chee is our favorite. Cucumber can be good too if fresh but gets to be too sour and uncrisp when it gets too fermented.
    When we lived in Hawaii, our neighbor a Korean woman occasionally would give us a quart jar of her kim chee. We would finish it off in two sittings which was lunch and dinner. So it was gone in a day. She added green onion, ginger slivers and very thinly sliced carrots in layers to the Napa cabbage. Absolutely first rate! I think we haven't added the anchovy or whatever kind of fish sauce they use so it always tastes like salted cabbage with hot peppers - not very tasty at all. ;(

  4. My goodness, Ki, you've certainly had a lot of experience eating Kim chee. I didn't like it much when I first tasted it, but it grows on you. My hubby loves the "Mu" ( radish, daikon is a Japanese word ) kim chee, but I'm not a big fan. Neither of us like the fish sauce and we don't make Kim chee at home since it's so easily available at the Korean market these days.


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