June 11, 2007


Jojo sits out the hottest day of the year

Cleo grins and bears it

I've heard that dogs with black fur feel the heat more intensely because their coat absorbs the sun. Both my dogs have black fur and yesterday was the hottest day of the year thus far, well over 90 degrees and closer to a hundred in my western-exposed back yard.

Jojo headed for the shady arbor and Cleo went down to the basement and lay on the cool stone floor.

The dog days of summer are early this year. They don't usually arrive until July but June has been very hot and dry.

I cringe when I see joggers running in extreme heat. A dog's got better sense on a hot day and always seek the coolest spot. I keep a chilled bowl of water for both my dogs.


  1. We have pampered pooches too. Since, it's so hot in the South, we actually freeze water for them, so they will have cool water during the day when we are gone. I know that we are probably spoiling them, but they look so grateful. They like to lick the ice. I'll have to put a picture on their website: http://puppyfun.blogspot.com

    Keep cool!!

  2. Thanks, Rose. You're not spoiling them, I think it's very thoughtful and they DO appreciate it.


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