July 15, 2007


The First Water Lily in my Pond

I have to be up at the crack of dawn and out the door on Sunday, July 15 so I'm posting my Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day early.

Welcome to Sweet Home and Garden Chicago. Don't you just love July because a lot of things are in bloom ? Here are a few of my favorite things this July 15 :

'Laura ' Phlox

Blackeyed Susan and Veronica

Vintage Wine Coneflower

Red Monardia

Rose of Sharon

A Ruby-throated Daylily

The Plume Poppy

And last but not least , a Korean Bell . Lovely, but " aggressive ". Koreans eat their roots. Bellflowers, anyone ?


  1. I am not familiar with either Korean Bells or Plume Poppy, always nice to meet a new plant. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love the Korean Bell. Never seen it before but it is so dramatic

  3. I'm not familiar with Korean bellflower, but since it is aggressive, I'll pass, even though it is quite pretty. And the blackeyed susan and veronica combination is quite nice. I see that and I think "why don't I have some veronica in my garden?" Might have to get some!

    Thanks for participating in Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day again!

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  4. Hi Iowa Gardening Woman, Bonnie and Carol,

    Korean Bellflower is a very unfussy plant - will grow in shade or sun, but, however, as mentioned, it'll take over.

  5. You always have such interesting and unusual flowers to show. I like the Korean Bell.

  6. This is going to sound silly, but when I worked at the other garden center (in '05) one of my favorite things to do was to clean up the Korean bellflowers (deadheading with a scissors, ripping off old foliage with my hands, etc.) I loved the smell of doing that--how funny to discover that the Koreans eat their roots. I wonder if they taste like the smell I so enjoyed?

  7. Carolyn, Aren't phlox grand? They are one of my many favorites. The Rose of Sharon is just beautiful. I must get on this fall. Is yours very tall? and do you know the name of it?

    The water lily is super too.

  8. HI Kim,

    They taste a little like turnips. Koreans also eat Chrysanthemum leaves, daylily roots and dandelions. They love plants !

  9. Hi Robin and Alyssa,

    Thanks for stopping by.

    I do love Phlox because they smell so good and bloom a long time.

    My Rose of Sharon is a seedling from an old tree that was in the garden some 40 years ago when we bought this house, so I don't know the variety. It is a small tree and not a shrub.

  10. Your phlox is so pretty. I also really like the combination of veronica and black-eyed susans. They look great together.

  11. What fun to see what is flowering in your garden, is flowering in mine too and we're thousands of miles apart. It's a small world afterall. ;-)

    My blooms are up too if you're interested.

  12. You have some nice classics and a couple of new flowers (for me anyways) which makes a nice mix. Thanks for posting 'Vintage Wine' as I couldn't remember the name of the dark coneflower I planted last year. There are so many Cones out there now I am getting confused.

  13. lovely water lily and other flowers. I always learn something when I read your blog, and love the new look, too!

  14. I love your blooms, Carolyn - what a beautiful waterlily! 'Laura' is a beautiful phlox variety. My white phlox is alive but not blooming yet. Are yours early or are mine late?

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  15. Hi Yolanda Elizabet,

    'tis a small world and thanks for stopping by mine. I shall return the favor shortly.

  16. Hi Digitalflowerpictures,

    Thanks for visiting. I've seen your beautiful works of art. Fantastic !

  17. Hi Muum and Annie,

    Thanks for visiting and leaving your compliments. I think that the phlox are just on time this year. The white bloomed before 'Laura' for some reason ( could be the extremely hot June we had ) .

  18. Hmm... the leaves smelled much sweeter than turnips, so I guess there's no correlation! *grin*

    I've eaten dandelions, too. Straight out of the yard, washed of course.

  19. Love that waterlily! Sure hope I can get a bloom out of mine this year!

  20. Thanks, Lisa. Hope you have a bloom as well.


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