July 13, 2007


Chrysanthemum Rubellum ' Clare Curtis '

I was never fond of Chrysanthemums, although I welcome the color they provide in Autumn. That is, until I was introduced to 'Clare Curtis ' . Often referred to as a Mum Daisy, she blooms from early August until heavy frost, and she comes back every year to grace the Autumn garden, unlike the traditional Mums that are hit-or-miss. And, I like her dainty size - a mere 14 inches. Cutting her back by a third in early July will result in more flowers and a fuller plant.

'Clare Curtis ' is not, however, easy to find. Don't ask me why. I stumbled upon one at a garden center way out in the country recently and snapped it up. Even the garden center where I work, one of the largest in Chicago, doesn't stock it. They do, however, have a similar Mum Daisy labeled " Korean Mum ". Unlike the clear pink of 'Clare ' , the Korean mum is an apricot and the plant itself is much taller and wider.

Both of the abovementioned Mums are Rubellums, a tough, hardy plant for Zone 4 and 5 gardens.

Korean Mum

As all gardeners know, Mums are to Fall as Tulips are to Spring. It's not too early to start thinking of Fall flowers. Especially if you're like me and dislike the sight of Mums freshly planted in the garden in Fall. They look so staged. That's usually because a lot of gardeners in the North don't have luck with Mums returning each year.

A good online source I've located for a wide selection of Korean Mums is :


  1. Carolyn those are really pretty. Everytime I see somebody say something is "hard to find" I get obsessed with finding the unfindable. I'm going to keep an eye out for this one.

  2. Hi Gina,

    Thanks for stopping by. It is exciting to try to find the unfindable isn't it ?

  3. I love 'Clara Curtis,' although, I have to confess that I love all mums. I don't have nearly enough of them in my garden. And, I'm one of those northern gardeners who's guilty of buying a bunch of mums in August or September and planting them, and then losing them over the winter. Although, I did manage to keep one of last year's plants alive :-)

    BTW....I love, love, love the new design! It looks great!


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