July 18, 2007


Hydrangea Serretta ' Spreading Beauty '

I just realized that I am obsessed with Hydrangeas. One advantage of working at the local garden center is that I get to see the new cultivars that come in. Such is the case of the above : Hydrangea Serretta , or Mountain Hydrangea, which, much to my surprise is hardy to Zone 4.
Zone 4 ! I can do that.

Spreading Beauty was developed in Belgium from a cutting gathered in Korea. Korea has a climate very similar to Chicago and Zone 5 gardens so I always snap up whatever will grow there. I know every species on the Tree and Shrub lot that comes from Korea and I hardily recommend them to customers. They always appreciate my suggestions because anything that will survive the Chicago winters is most welcome.

Hydrangea Spreading beauty is a nice low one that only gets 2 to 3 feet tall so it's ideal for urban gardens. And did I say , hardy to Zone 4 ?


  1. Carolyn - the Hyrdrangeas are so pretty! I think I'm the only one in Chicago who DOESNT have one!

  2. That looks quite pretty. Did you say hardy to zone 4?

  3. Hey Gina - you can't be the ONLY one in hicago without one.

    Carol, I said hardy to ZONE 4. Can you believe it ?

  4. umm, I'll have to get one, I'm zone 5, and I have a small zone 6 hydrangea that is struggling along, a foot tall..

  5. Rats, we can't seem to grow H. macrophylla where we live. People only a couple blocks away seem to be able to grow them easily enough and ours grew vegetatively very well almost too well but never flowered.

    The 'Spreading Beauty' is indeed an apt name for it. Very lovely flower.

  6. Thanks, Ki for stopping by. I'm eager to see how 'Spreading Beauty ' does in my garden.

  7. Gina,

    Add me to the club of people who don't have a hydrangea in the garden. I really like them and want one but all I've been able to find are the pastel colored ones and I'd like a green one.

    I have a neighbor who I keep meaning to ask about taking cuttings but I always forget.

  8. Hey MBT,

    If you want a green one you want 'Limelight.' It's a very winter hardy hydrangea for our Zone 5.


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