July 17, 2007


Hydrangea Paniculata 'Limelight '

I planted Limelight Hydrangea in my garden several years ago and I've really become a fan. In late July or early August she starts her show of huge 10-12 inch panicles that are in bloom until October.

I also like the fact that her stems are strong enough to support the large blooms and don't flop over like other hydrangeas. Being hardy to Zone 4 is another plus.

Her blooms also turn from lime green to a wonderful pink and burgundy color as they fade.

The late Fall color of ' Limelight '

And that's as close to perfect a shrub can get, unless it could be green all year. Oh well.


  1. How many years before your Limelight Hydrangea bloomed? I have one that is two or three years old and has not bloomed, I am wondering if it is not getting enough sun.

  2. I planted in Fall and it bloomed the first season. Not enough sun would result in little or no blooms.

    Also, pruning it at the wrong time would cut off next season's growth.

  3. Must be lack of sun because I have not pruned it, so it will be moved to a new sunnier home. Thanks

  4. Hi Iowa Gardening Woman :

    By any chance have you fed it any sort of fertilizer, in particular, one with high nitrogen ?

    If you're going to move it, make sure it's new location has plenty of acid matter introduced into the soil and organic as well.


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