August 19, 2007


( Class Roll Call, i.e. , because my last name started with an A ! )

I've been busy all Summer whipping 30 year olds into shape on landscaping jobs. Makes me feel good that in my sixth decade I still have the stamina to put in 8 to 10 hour days on the job.

Guess my bubble got busted real good when I recently received an envelope from Sweet Home Alabama. Inside was an invite to my 45th high school reunion. Now if that doesn't make you feel your age I don't know what will ! As the old song goes, " Gee ain't it funny how time slips away ? "

Winfield, in the northern part of the state, is known for it's annual Mule Day festival which in addition to judging the best mule, has all sorts of events, games, food, bazaars, etc. The event draws 25,000 people, remarkable because the town has less than 5,000 residents ! I wonder what they do with all those visitors since there's only one or two motels and B & B's in the entire town. These can't be cousins or kinfolk can they ?

Mules Line up for Judging

Every year since graduation I've " threatened " and " aimed " to go back and see many of the 55 classmates I've known since childhood. Guess my aim is off because for one reason or the other I've never made it back. Everybody knows everybody there, and their business as well. You don't need a telephone because news travels fast through the grapevine.

When the first American soldier was killed in the Afghanistan war they announced that he was Johnny Michael Spann of Winfield, Alabama and a graduate of Winfield High School, the same that I attended. . I wondered if he was one of the Spanns' I went to high school with. Doesn't this sound like something out of " To Kill a Mockingbird " ? When I first read the book I realized how much I was like Scout.

Someone once posed the question, " Is there life after high school ?" Should I go back home after 45 years ? Will anyone recognize the skinny, nerdy girl I was back then ? I mean I've gained a few pounds, wrinkles, etc., but then, haven't we all ?

They say you " can't go home again. " Should I ? Good grief, I just realized my wardrobe consists of nothing but gardening clothes . I've got nothing to wear ! And I need to lose ten pounds !


  1. oh, yes, go! I went to my 20th and had a great time- (I'm from a small town in Ohio) --I am a lot more outgoing than I was then, it was fun to see old school mates, and I didn't even recognize my h.s. boyfriend when I saw him! (a good moment for me!)

  2. First, let me say that I am shocked that YOU are old enough to go to your 45th high school class reunion. If you've never been back, you ought to go and give 'em all something to talk about! And don't worry about clothes or pounds, I'm sure you wouldn't be the only one. Hey, most of the guys won't have hair!

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  3. Go to the reunion...if nothing else, it would probably provide enough writing material to last you all winter. (I say this as I'm avoiding my 20th...)

  4. Thanks for the encouragment Muum, Carol and David. The reunion is September 21 so I've still got time to think it over .

  5. My graduating class was 560 kids. I went to the 10th and the 15th and that was enough. I just missed the 40th, couldn't bring myself to go, but maybe when the 45th rolls around I'll be ready again. I hear they get easier!

  6. Hi Marie and thanks for stopping by. I can't image 560 kids in one graduating class - that was more than we had in the entire school .

  7. i wouldnt go but im pretty anti-social. i always figure that I would have kept in touch with anybody that I'm interested in maintaining a relationship with. man i sound negative! im still depressed about the rabbit.

  8. You surprised me, too, Carolyn - so you graduated from high school in 1962? I thought my class of 103 was fairly small, but with only fifty-five kids no wonder everyone knew everyone in your town! It sounds a little like Mayberry ;-]

    Maybe it would be fun to go back - but you seem to be a very different person now. Your experiences on a trip to the past may be not so much a dip into nostalgia as a tour in a foreign land. Good luck with whatever you decide!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  9. Hi Gina,

    Sorry that you're still depressed about the rabbit. I can't believe that you are anti-social ! When you're from a small town like mine it's not a matter of keeping in touch with people you're interested in having a relationship with because you've known everyone for a gazillion years !

  10. Hi Annie,

    Yep, Class of 1962 and you're right it was a lot like Mayberry RFD. Elvis and Pat Boone were the idols back then.
    Yes, I think I am a different person now, however, I don't think I'll ever "rise above my raising " .


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