August 1, 2007

Garden Bloggers' Muse Day

Thanks to the following Muses who've posted for Garden Bloggers' Muse Day :

Carol at
http : //

Annie at the Transplantable Rose :

Jodi at :

Gina at

Muum at

Gloria at

David at

Cindy at

Rosemarie at

Jodi is our newest Muse and I welcome her and her wonderful contribution.

What are you up to in that Skinny Garden, Gina ? Are the rest of our Muses out in the garden today writing their poetry and prose ? Hope to hear from you before midnight, Cinderellas.

Who's missing ? Beverly at In My Backyard, and Alyssa at My Examined Life .

It's NOT too late to post. August 1 is not over until midnight. Keep the poetry flowing, join the circle.

P.S. David is also a new muse this month and made it 24 minutes before the gong sounded. Thanks for your contribution.

Oh, another new poet is Cindy. Check out her wonderful contribution to the poetry circle.


  1. reported for duty early this morning! sorry i forgot to let you know!

  2. Thanks, Gina. I'll stop by and check out your creativity.

  3. just a quote today, but I'm in!

  4. Nothing from me today... I love poetry but for some reason I can't get my thoughts around t post on Muse Day. But I did want to say that I absolutely love this idea and I've enjoyed reading these posts. :)

  5. Tried to let you know earlier that I had posted a contribution to Garden Bloggers Muse Day but somehow I lost it and just am getting back.

  6. My first Muse Day post is up...24 minutes under the wire!

  7. I'm one day late! I just wrote my poem. Argh, not as organized as I used to be!

  8. Thanks, rosemarie, for participating in the Garden Bloggers' Muse Day. I will visit and read your contribution.

  9. I just found your blog coming from Tsukismom. I love this idea and I will add you to my bloglines account. Look for my poetry next month! I have a garden haiku up today,

  10. I'm sorry I missed it:( I found some poems but couldn't find the time to post. I promise to do better in September.

  11. Hi Beverly,

    We missed you ! So glad that you will join us in September.


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