August 2, 2007


The Remains of Walgreen's Frontyard

A few days ago I posted about what remained of Walgreen's once nice landscape and how I had written to this Corporate giant to let them know what I as a homeowner in the area thought of their frontyard. I had written the same complaint last year but had no response and wasn't expecting to get another one anytime soon.

Lo and behold I got an email from an " Exa " at the local Walgreens. I've been out of the white collar world for a while but for God's sake what is an '"Exa ?" Don't tell me it's short for Executive Assistant ? Hell, I was one of those and we called ourselves , " E. A. 'S . "

Anyhoo, Michael the "Exa " thanked me for patronizing his store and for bringing this " concern " to his attention. HELLO, Exa, how long have you been working there and didn't have a concern as you walked down the sidewalk that surrounds the remnants of a once well kept landscaped area ? I wonder if your front yard looks like this ?

He's sending my " concern " to their legal department because they lease the land from a property owner who no doubt should be responsible for its maintenance, considering the high amount of rent they pay.

He'll get in touch with me next week and "hopefully will have good news for both their store and the community. " Oh, Exa, I can't wait .


  1. maybe we can start a movement of making stores do better with their garden space.

    there is a tavern I drive by on the way to work that blows me away with flora beauty.

  2. Thanks, Wayne. If a Tavern can have a beautiful garden why not a giant like Walgreens ?

  3. I'm awaiting a second response from a higher-up from Menard's over a letter I wrote to them this week (concerning poor and rude customer service). Their general manager has been forwarded my letter, or at least that's what 'Ray' says.

    Want to take bets as to who hears back from their respective businesses first? ;-)

  4. All bets are off ! Considering that I didn't even hear from them on my complaint last year I think this year's response was pure luck. I'll be lucky if anything is done .


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