August 15, 2007


Welcome to Sweet Home and Garden Chicago . It's August 15 and I have two occasions to mark : Korean Independence Day ( above is their National Flower , Hibiscus Syriacus, which has been in bloom in my garden since early July) and Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day . So go over to Carol of May Dreams Gardens and let her know if you are posting.

Walk This Way

Can't beat Blackeyed Susans for the longest bloom time and little deadheading

Fast- fading Coneflowers


Butterfly Weed

Long-blooming 'Clare Curtis' Mum

Marigold and Fast-fading Bear's Britches

Lime and red coleus

These are a few of my favorite things. Sedum 'Autumn Joy ' is beginning its blush as well.
Dejavu. Aren't these the same flowers that were blooming July 15 ?


  1. Love that mum. I'm noting that one in my journal. The waterlily is beautiful also.

  2. Carolyn Gail, your walkway is area very pretty, I like your 'Clare Curtis' mum. Is yours supposed to bloom early or is it a fall mum? I have a couple of mums blooming now and I'm not sure if it's their regular bloom time or not.

  3. I'm glad I "walked this way" into your garden. It looks great. We midwesterners especially should be impressed by how good your flowers look now, given the weather this year.

    Thanks for participating in Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day again.

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  4. Great blooms for bloom day and I would love to 'walk that way'! Beautiful!

  5. Your walk is very inviting, it makes me want to stroll along.

  6. These are lovely--I too am very fond of rudbeckias of all sorts (and of course I'm hopelessly ga ga for coneflowers too. Rose of Sharon doesn't do well for me here, though the blueflowered one constantly besots and seduces me--or tries to.

  7. Thanks, Marie, for your lovely comments. Robin, Clair Curtis is a special mum that blooms from mid-July to freeze. It's hard to find, however.

    Thanks, Carol. It has been a trying summer to keep flowers alive. I believe the August rains have done a lot in that respect.

    Thanks to layanee, apple and jodi for your comments. Thanks to all of you for visiting.

  8. That's a lovely photo of the Rose of Sharon. The photos of your beds look wonderful and lush. Pretty darn nice for this dry August.

  9. Hi Ki,

    Thanks for your comments. My flower beds are very lush this year . August, not April, is the month for the most rainfall in Chicago so that helps.

  10. Hi there, Carolyn Gail

    Thanks for stopping by my Scottish garden - I've taken your invitation to visit yours in Chicago. This GBBD is such a wonderful opportunity to visit gardens around the world! I have enjoyed my visit to your garden and will return :-)

    Your walkway caught my eye too - I'm guessing it is in the sun? Getting rain in August must be perfect to keep your blooms flowering longer and your foliage lush. We have had lots of rain - all summer long!

    I love the sedum 'Autumn Joy' although mine aren't showing signs of flowers yet - the bees and butterflies love them too don't they?

    I see you've added my link - thanks very much :-)

  11. Hi Shirl,

    Thanks for stopping by. Yes, my walkway is in full western sun all afternoon and we're lucky to have had ample rainfall in August.

    I've been seeing on the news about all the rain in Scotland and Ireland. The state of Texas has had an enormous amount of rain and more is expected. Parts of Houston and San Antonio are under water and I'm afraid many gardens are ruined.

    My sedum has just started it's pink blush and in addition to the bees and butterflies, regular flies love it as well.


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