August 16, 2007


Asian Pears

For the past several mornings I have been picking the half eaten fruit from my Asian pear tree. I don't think the squirrels did this because they usually pull the fruit off the tree and run with it.

SO, I thinks to myself . I'm gonna catch that pear eatin' critter. My trusty watchdog Cleo must not have heard the creature or she would have caught it for sure. She hate squirrels with a passion.

SO, I set up my trap for this evening -all kinds of wind chimes in the tree to alert Cleo that this silent intruder is up to no good.

Can't wait until tommorrow to see what it was.


  1. Looks like the pears are gnawed so it's probably those pesky squirrels. I hope you find out who done it. Maybe some capsicum spray will deter any more pear snacks. ;)

  2. Hi Ki,

    I finally got you listed on my blogroll.

    The first thing I thought when I saw the pears was a pesky squirrel, but my dog has pretty much got them cleared out of my backyard.

    Besides, squirrels will usually grab and run.

    I'll try some of the hot pepper wax spray that has capsicum in it to see if that'll help. Thanks for the suggestions.


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