August 21, 2007


A new book I'm reading THE PILATES PROMISE by Alycea Ungaro, says that weeding engages the entire torso, including the obliques and is more effective than a typical crunch which targets only the upper-ab muscle rectus abdominis . I hate crunches but I don't mind weeding ! .

In addition, gardening is a potent calorie burner, blasting away 160 calories in just 30 minutes. To triple your tummy toning keep midsection muscles engaged while doing yard work with this Pilates technique : As you water plants, draw your belly button in toward the spine, then keep the muscles taut as you work. " This move tightens the abdominal muscles to lengthen the torso and narrow the waist, " says Ungaro. " And maintaining the posture for five-minute intervals will train your muscles to stay contracted for improved posture and balance. "

So lose those garden wheely things and reach, reach, reach for the weeds !


  1. Not to mention the benefits of fresh air you get while out there gardening. This fit in with something else I found about ths health benefits of gardening and specifically getting dirty, so I linked to it from my post this evening.

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  2. Thanks, Carol. You are SO right about the health benefits and getting dirty. Thanks for linking to it from your post .

  3. I've read in several places that gardening is good exercise but I never knew it was good for toning. I'm definitely going to be more mindful of my movements when I garden to see how many toning exercies I can work in. Thanks Carolyn!

  4. Thank you oldroses for visiting . Gardening is definitely more beneficial if done on a regular basis, than many health club exercises.

    One of my neighbors goes to the health club several times a week and is 10 years younger than I but when we worked on our parkway project ( digging up old grass and turning the soil ) she could hardly get up out of bed the next day. She was amazed that I wasn't the least bit sore.

    I see many baby boomers using the garden benches and wheely things when they should be stretching and bending !


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