October 18, 2007


As if I needed it - just one more reason to love Limelight Hydrangea ! I took these clippings for a bit of indoor color.

I've been inspired by Carol at May Dreams Gardens to have flowers blooming year 'round so I'm making an indoor garden in the only sunny spot in my house- the dining room.

This is what it looks like now :

A lot of greenery right now and no flowers. I'm going to pot up my annual Coleus and bring indoors and my Christmas Poinsetta which spent the summer outside . I'll need a lot of advice from my daughter who's an indoor plant expert and has over 100 houseplants which she treats like her children.

Houses are so close together in the city that not much light comes in . My dining room is the only sunny window I have and it gets good Western light all afternoon. I've never tried African violets or Orchids before so they may be a good start. I definitely want to get some bulbs to force . It'll be fun to watch them go from sprout to blossom.

Now that I'm bringing the outside in I see what Carol means about having something bloom every month. It makes the thought of a dreary Chicago winter a lot less daunting.


  1. Good for you! I also need to give some attention to the indoor plants I already have, and see what I can bring in from outdoors before the first real frost. And then try to figure out what's going to be blooming inside from November through at least February.

    I plan to post some ideas for what gardeners might do to have blooms through the winter.

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  2. Thanks, Carol. I'll look forward to the posts.

  3. I need to get my act together and bring things inside too. I have two ficus trees on the patio that need to be re-potted and brought indoors. I'd like to force bulbs this year too. I bought some last year and they never got planted. I stored them in the crisper of my spare fridge and forgot about them.

  4. Hi Carolyn, My original home was near Chicago up in Wiscosin where I had a country home. Now I'm in Charlotte NC --which is city city and wayyyyy different. I'm learning to enjoy urban gardening in a warm climate and I love to see what others are doing in different cities. Your blog is great! Mary t

  5. hi carolyn - i sure hope my limelight looks like this next year!

    i take 290 to work every day and there is a huge billboard that says SWEET HOME CHICAGO on it - it makes me think of you, carolyn! i have no clue what they are advertising...

  6. Hi Robin,

    I think this week will be the ideal time to bring in all the outdoor plants. Forecast says mid-30's by Saturday.

    Mary T , welcome to Sweet Home and Garden Chicago. I love Charlotte, N.C. , especially the climate. I'm going to stop by and visit your garden.


    Keep adding the Starbucks coffee grounds to your Lime Light. It takes a season before they look really mature and nice. I always top dress mine in the Fall with some good compost and manure .

    Take a closer look at that billboard and see who's paying those big bucks !

  7. I like you indoor garden -- despite no blooms as you say -- it looks very cheerful. So you say your daughter is in indoor expert and you're not? I thought a gardener was a gardener but I find myself killing indoor plants; I think they look longingly outside and wish to be out there under the sun.

  8. Thanks, Rosemarie. I am NOT an indoor plant expert but my daughter who's a floral designer is. Can you imagine taking care of a hundred plants inside ? I'm with you when it comes to killing indoor plants.


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