October 22, 2007


I was taking my Mini Schnauzer JoJo for her morning walk and as we went out the front gate what should appear but a cute little bunny rabbit . Anything that jumps or runs gets Jojo's attention and she took off after it.

I searched the area where the bunny ran out and there was a nest dug under my Azalea . No doubt the Azalea, being evergreen, was to be the salad bar for the rabbit over the winter.

I love bunnies but not in my yard so begins my strategy to discourage them. After grooming Jojo I placed her fur in the rabbit den.

Jojo and I are on the bunny trail. Better check under your shrubs, especially evergreens, to see if you've got any unwelcome residents ready to make dinner out of your garden.


  1. Yikes! Hope that JoJo's fur does the trick. I hate to confess this, but I'm not sure that I would know what a bunny's winter home looked like. (Say, in comparison to the neighborhood cat digging under my plants, which also happens.)

  2. I hope so too, Kim. Bunnies just dig a little dirt out and snuggle up in. It would be difficult to find if the bunny wasn't in it !

  3. I look for any rounded out little dents in the mulch under shrubs, and assume that's a bunny's hideaway. I then cover it up and hope they move on. But don't listen to me, I've still got a rabbit problem.

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  4. good luck with the bunny. I have two cats that keep most of the rabbits away. They are good little hunters!

  5. I remember your rabbit trap, Carol. Your vegetable garden must be a great temptation for those little vegetarians !


    Cats are great but can't have one running outside in the city.

  6. Hopefully JoJo will be just the deterrent you need to keep the bunny out of your yard. I would have thought bunnies wouldn't be much of a problem in the big city.

  7. Unfortunately, Robin, bunnies are a HUGE problem in the city and suburbs because their habitats are being destroyed and they have no place to go. I planted a garden for a client one Fall and the following Spring it was eaten to the ground by rabbits. They even ate the Mugo Pine !

    Our major park in downtown Chicago, Grant Park, had over $50,000 of plants destroyed and they had to resort to giving the rabbits birth control pills!

    Now that Jojo has smelled and seen the rabbit , the first thing she does is search for it.

  8. My sympathies on having a resident rabbit! Those varmints are a pain in the aster. I've found that a combination of chicken wire & red pepper wax or repellant spray is effective in limiting (but not completely eliminating) the damage. I had a Beagle/Terrier mix & a Borzoi patrolling my garden, & they never caught an adult rabbit. I don't think a dog is an effective deterrent unless it's outside all day & all night.

  9. Good grief, mmd. You could be right about dogs being an effective deterrent unless they're outside 24/7 but thus far I haven't seen that rascal rabbit again so maybe I should package that Schnauzer fur and sell it !


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