October 23, 2007


I don't think it was an accident of nature but when I saw two trees growing side by side it inspired me to to paint AUTUMN GOLD. At the art gallery showing a viewer remarked that it was a "sensuous " art piece. That wasn't my intention as I painted it " Alla Prima " or in one session . But on closer scrutiny that does look like a butt on the right twin.

One of my close friends who saw the painting suggested that I change the name to Tree Lovers. I've never had a painting to evoke so many different views and while I am a tree lover I've never thought of them as erotic.


  1. You are so talented, Carolyn - I love the colors and the lines!

    Maybe your subconscious saw the eroticism? Someone with the right kind of mind might also wonder whether the third tree is raising its branches to the twins in an invitation to a Treesome.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  2. A Treesome ? You're too funny, Annie ! Thanks for your compliments.

  3. Reminds me of the color the Fauvist painters used. Especially the painter Kees van Dongen who used similar colors and dark outlining. Quite a nice painting even with the right cheek butt. ;)

  4. Carolyn, this is really beautiful. The colours make my heart glad, and they capture perfectly the wonders of autumn colour. The more artwork I see on blogs, the more tempted I am to try a watercolour course after I finish taking the photo course I'm in now. They say anyone can learn to paint--I am doubtful, but I see lovely work like this and I want so much to try.....

  5. Thanks, Ki. I love a sense of humor! I'm not familiar with Kees van Donger and will check him out. Maybe I'm him reincarnated ?

  6. Jodi,

    Thanks so much. You definitely should take a watercolor course since you seem to have a passion for art.

    I do believe that anyone can learn to paint if they are so inclined. We don't introduce the brush to our children soon enough in America. In Asia students first learn to use the brush to write their language and they seem to excel at watercolors.

    I started my firstborn daughter very early and she is better than me in watercolors, one of the most challenging techniques in art.

  7. Oh. Now why do I feel the need to giggle like a silly adolescent...I didn't see it as erotic either. I'm just plain innocent LOL.

    It is a lovely painting..the colours are fantastic.

  8. Hi blueblue and welcome. Thanks for your compliments.


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