November 5, 2007


Camellia Sinensis

An Asian friend of mine, knowing my love of green tea and all the different varieties I've tried in search of the best one, gave me the most delicious one I've ever tasted and I went on their website to check out their entire line of fascinating teas. Well, you could've blown me over with a feather when I read that tea came from the evergreen Camellia Senensis ( Chinese Camellia ) and was discovered accidentally by the Chinese . Seems one of the aristocrats was boiling water near a Camellia and some of the leaves fell in the cup. They not only tasted good but had a great fragrance as well. Another great invention from the very wise Chinese.

You would think that the Japanese and English invented tea since they consume so much of it . However, much to my surprise again, the Irish are the biggest tea consumers in the world.

We've all heard about the great benefits of green tea and they keep adding more as research goes on - an anti-inflamatory with vitamines C & E , lowers blood pressure, aids in preventing skin cancer, helps the aging brain, all sorts of cancer from prostate, breast, liver, etc., prevents tooth decay and freshens your breath. Recent research shows promising evidence that it helps arthritis as well. Green Tea was pitched as a weight loss product but no evidence to that effect has been proven, although the Chinese Ooloong Tea was shown to be effective in this regard. The Chinese and Japanese have 80 per cent lower rates of cancer than we do and they attribute that to drinking 3 to 4 cups a day of green tea.

Anyhoo, as an avid green tea drinker I am very impressed with the taste of Hoji-cha Roasted Green Tea made by a California Company

It is available in some Asian grocers but is difficult to find so the website online shopping is a convenient way to order.


  1. I also love green tea and am currently drinking a lot of Starbucks iced green tea. It's delicious! I'll have to check out the green tea you've provided the link to.

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  2. Unfortunate that C. Sinensis is quite a tender plant. I wanted to plant it mainly for the beautiful flower but found out that it is one of the least hardy camellias.

    I agree, Yamamotoyama makes very good green tea. But I prefer black tea. Stash tea had a very good Yunnan black tea. But the most recent batch I purchased had much larger leaves and the taste was not at good as previous purchases. I've tried many kinds of Yunnan black teas from Upton Tea Imports, but have not quite matched the earlier tea from Stash. Yunnan China is purported to be the birthplace of tea. Upton Tea sells many, many kinds of tea in small sample bags very cheaply so it's a great way to try many kinds of tea without having to buy large quantities. I think I tried all of their Yunnan offerings but have not found the same tea sold by Stash. Before brewing, Yunnan teas have a scent of peaches. I've found the stronger the scent the better the tea seems to be.

  3. Thanks, Carol and Ki. I think I've tried just about every green tea there is but thus far nothing's compared to Hoji-cha for me at least.


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