November 1, 2007



The graceful grasses bow in the November wind
geese call out as they fly South
the Dragonfly no longer lands on the lily pad

Come my pretties
and eat from my hand
this may be the last time
until it's warm again.

The days grow short
and soon you must go
to the murky depths below
life on hold.

A long wait for that golden orb
to circle the sky
bringing back the garden, you , and I.

I wonder if this time of year
you imagine what it would be like
to move to Florida or somewhere near
instead of being a prisoner
of cruel Old Man Winter.

I will think of you as I sit by the fire
frozen in time
waiting for Spring
like I.



  1. Hi Caroline Gail... I have posted for GBMD!

  2. Carolyn, this is remarkable! Frozen in time, indeed. You have captured the essence of this month's wistfulness so's almost like long haiku, and equally expressive. Gives me chills of pleasure, reading it.
    I'm done mine now--very different from yours, but that's the celebration of this creative mode, isn't it?
    Mine is at (Tiny urled to make it less cumbersome to paste,)

  3. Lovely poem, Carolyn. You've captured in words a vivid picture of the changing season.

    MY GBMD entry can be found at

    Happy Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!

  4. Hi Carolyn,

    I love the way your poem captures both the wistfulness (as Jodi said) as well as the pervasive "moodiness" of November. Wonderful!

    I posted today, too.

    Happy Muse Day!

  5. How did it get to be November already? My GBMD is up, too.

  6. November feels like "life on hold", indeed, though it is one of my favorite months. This poem is lovely.

    I've posted my entry at:

  7. Nice expression of the season!
    BTW I did finally get my Muse post up.

  8. As someone who lived not so far from where you garden, and who also used to feel this way about November, I can truly appreciate your beautifully melancholy poem, Carolyn.

    Blogger finally cooperated - my post is up now, too.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  9. Thanks, Jodi, Dirty Knees, Muum's Musings, Nancy J. Bond, Mr. McGregor's Daughter and Annie in Austin for all your great postings for Garden Bloggers' Muse Day.

  10. Wonderful poem, Carolyn Gail... reminds me of my uncle, who has a lovely koi pond and feels similarly about the winter. :)

    I am late, I know, but I actually had something stuck in my head this month so I went ahead and posted it as well.

  11. Thanks, Kim. Better late than never. I'll be over to read your musing.


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