November 28, 2007


Acer Rubrum ( Red Maple ) From George Washington's Mt. Vernon

For $39.95 you can plant a bit of history in your garden or give as a gift to a gardening friend or family member : Offsprings of trees from Graceland, the estate of Elvis Presley, George Washington's Mt. Vernon, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Pearl Buck, Walt Disney, Ray Charles and many other famous people. Trees that were here from our country's beginning and all the important events since then are a unique way to join our past and present.

You'll also be contributing to a good cause-American Forests is America's oldest nonprofit conservation group and the Famous and Historic Trees program " help people understand how trees benefit us both environnmentally, socially and economically, " according to their statement.

Visit and see their fascinating selection. The amazing Angel Oak in South Carolina, at 1,400 years old , is believed to be the oldest living thing east of the Mississippi.

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