November 27, 2007


Chinese Wisteria Standard

A few months ago I had to move my beloved Wisteria Standard ( a Wisteria vine grafted to a tree trunk ) so that my hubby could extend the porch. We had to hack the roots so much I was worried that it would survive the transplant.

It looked just pathetic for a long time -leaves turned brown , dropped off, etc. I kept on watering it faithfully.

At the end of the season at the garden center where I work, about 4 years ago, our Tree and Shrub manager announced that he had 5 Wisteria Standards that he was reducing from $500 to $100. I took all 5. Two I planted in my own garden - one pink in the front and one purple in the back and the other 3 in a client's garden.

The very first season after planting they bloomed. My neighbor was so taken with it that she made a photo that she keeps pinned to her bulletin board. My clients just adore the purple blooms of their trees each Spring.

A lot of people won't have a Wisteria Standard because it requires a lot of pruning to keep it from reverting back to a vine. I keep mine shaped like a tree but if I let it go for long it would be a really long vine and the flowers would also suffer as a consequence.

So today was balmy and I went outside to putzy around in the garden. I looked wistfully at the wisteria and low and behold I saw tiny buds staring back at me. It's alive ! Thank you , Jesus !
I can't wait until next year to see it bloom .


  1. Congrtulation on successful transplanting. Wisteria is a true beauty, and picture is beautiful. I have 4 of them - they are young, not flowering, and also not in their final places in the garden.

  2. Welcome, Ewa, all the way from your Zone 6 garden in Poland ! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. The wisteria looks gorgeous in the photo, Carolyn - I'm glad the transplanting worked out and hope it will be full of bloom again in spring.

    Is yours fragrant? I've walked under some wisterias on pergolas that smelled wonderful.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  4. Wish it looked like the photo, Annie. But just seeing the buds was enough for me right now.

    Yes, the Chinese Wisteria is sweetly fragrant. I've heard that the white Chinese Wisteria is even more so.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Engaging photo, Carolyn ... I love wisteria but unfortunately only enjoy it through 'osmosis'. Good luck in the spring! Keep us posted ...

  6. Thanks, Joey. This Wisteria Standard has been very prolific in blooming after the first year ( a rare occurance ) and so I expect it to perform the same in the Spring.


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