November 14, 2007


The Mango Hummer

The rare visit to Beloit, Wisconsin by the Mango Hummingbird from Mexico created quite a stir and worry about the approaching winter.

Today's newspaper brings good news -the hummer was captured and is in quarantine at our Brookfield Zoo. Furthermore, it has gained weight, an indication of good health.

Hummingbird specialists are recommending to eventually return the bird to a Texas-Mexico border wildlife refuse so that it can go home again. I'm so happy our little hummer has found a temporary home here for the winter at least.

1 comment:

  1. I missed the story about the hummer - thanks for the info. I've never seen even a ruby-throated hummer in my yard, I can't imagine seeing that Mango critter. Did it get lost, or is it just trying to expand its range?


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