November 15, 2007


Sometimes, ( mainly in the Fall, I think ) it's not about the BLOOM but the leaf and texture :


Autumn Moon Maple

Jack Frost Brunnera

Korean Azalea

Oak Leaf Hydrangea

Bergenia Cordifolia

Ornamental grass

The award for the longest blooming perennials goes to :

Limelight hydrangea



Blackeyed Susan

Footnote to Carol of May Dreams Gardens : All of the above photos are the real McCoy, no fudging or staging took place.

Now for the scoop on what's blooming in garden blogs everywhere , visit Carol at MayDreamsGardens .


  1. No plant IDs? I love your golden grass (sedge?) and the bright red of your Japanese maple. Also the dried hydrangea blooms. Lovely!

  2. I like your foliage best of all! It's a dreary day in northwest Ohio and I think after this, I'm closing the door, too.

  3. Beautiful photos. The colors just stand out so well and the textures are wonderful.

  4. lookin' good. Is that a monch Aster in your yard, too?

  5. Carolyn Gail, we would only expect the real McCoy in your garden! You are right, good texture really comes through in the fall garden. Your garden looks great for this time of year

    Loved the comment you left on my blog about your neighbors' flowers...

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  6. Sorry, Pam, about not using the labels for the plants. Yes, that was sedge.

    Thanks, Kylee, Muum and Bonnie for your nice comments.

    Carol, I appreciate your comments on the texture in the Fall garden, 'cause that's a pet peeve of mine that I strive for all year 'round.

  7. I'm with you, Carolyn; I think texture is vitally important all year long, but especially from now until the flower fiesta starts again. Some wonderful textures and foliage colours here.

  8. Great pics Carolyn Gail and I agree texture and contrast in leaf/plant shape are far more important than flowers in the garden. But hey, it's called GGBlooms Day so it's all about the flowers. :-) It's difficult to find some outside, isn't it? But you managed fine I see. BTW my blooms are up too.

  9. Carolyn,
    Lovely photos of the various leaf shapes and textures. What's that plant under the Jack Frost?

  10. Hi Ki,

    Haste really does makes waste doesn't it? I was in a hurry and didn't label the plants now I gotta go back and do it. The plant below the Jack Frost is my Korean azalea which also has a nice leaf color in the Fall.

    Jodi and Yoland Elizabet thanks for your nice comments. I've got to do a garden tour of all the bloggers who posted.

  11. At this time of year, I've come to appreciate the colors of Fall foliage; yours are beautiful. Your mum still looks great, too!

  12. You really do have quite a bit still blooming but, I agree, texture and fall coloring takes center stage! Beautiful Moon Maple!

  13. I think I'm going to have to get one of those oak leaf hydrangeas. This is the second blog I've been to in 10 minutes that had a pic of one.

  14. Thanks, mightymatt, and welcome to Sweet Home and Garden Chicago !


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