November 19, 2007


Gina at Myskinnygarden has tagged me for 8 things you didn't know about me meme. When tagged, you must list the person who tagged you, post the rules and list 8 people at the end of the post.

1. I started smokin' and drinkin' at a very young age. Daddy was a bootlegger and left a bottle of his best White Lightning on the table when I was six. When he came in to retrieve it he was surprised to see a tipsy six year old with a big grin whoopin' and hollerin '. The smokes I got from my brother who brought back a ton of cigarettes from the PX in Korea. I thought you were supposed to smoke one after the other until the entire pack was gone, which I did. My skin turned green . If Daddy had looked up from the field where he was plowing at the outhouse he would've seen a stream of smoke coming out the top !

2. I was the most mischievous of the three girls in our family. Maybe being the middle child had something to do with it ? When it was my turn to do the dishes I would always run away and hide, driving my older sister Wilma insane looking for me. I was also pretty nasty to my younger sis Linda who was afraid to make a trip to the outhouse at night ( snakes and such ) . Yep, I'm afraid she had to do my chores for a week for one nightly visit.

3. In my younger days I was shopping on Michigan Avenue, the Magnificent Mile in downtown Chicago, on my lunch hour, just looking in the window of one of the jewelry shops when I heard a male voice say " Hello, beautiful ! " I looked around and recognized a major Chicago broadcaster flirting with me. The nerve ! He was married, but then, so was I. Oh, well, he made my day !

4. Famous people I've met : Lisa Minelli, Barry Manilow ( yes, Gina, eat your heart out - I met him at the Four Season Hotel in Chicago ! ) , Henry Kissinger, Jackie Gleason, Robert Conrad, and at the airport in London, Robert Vaughn, who graciously autographed my passport !

5. Two of my former bosses became the foreign ministers of their country. I'm so proud of them ! They still send me Christmas cards and invite me to dinner when they come to Chicago.

6. What people call me behind my back : Steel Magnolia . I'm proud of it because I was SO shy when I came to Chicago that I couldn't look anyone in the eye. But fortitude, yes, I admit to having it and I surprise myself sometimes.

7. What I regret most about my life -losing my Mother at such an early age and not knowing what it's like to have that. I SO envy people who have a loving relationship with their Mom.

8. LAST, but not least, I want to be like my dear old Grandpappy who lived to be 102. They used to ask him his secret and he'd say : Drink a hot toddy every day, look at a pretty woman
( or in my case Matthew McConaughey ) and keep on walkin. '

I'm tagging : Ki @ Mucknmire,

Ms. Mary @ Pokeberrygarden


  1. From one Alabama girl to another: you are downright amazin'. Thanks for making my day with your eight random things. (And thanks for the tag!)

  2. You've set a precedent that hardly anyone without your talent can achieve, Val. I hope everyone will visit your 8 random things meme. It's truly wonderful.

  3. carolyn - thanks for participating! #1 is my favorite! a green drunk 6 year old??? I LOVE IT!

  4. Hi Carolyn Gail,
    I wrote the following reply to your comment on including me in the meme.

    First of all, thank you for including me in the meme. Unfortunately our out of town guests arrived today so I'll have little time to do the blog and even more so when our daughter with boyfriend also will stay for the Thanksgiving holidays. Sorry to be a wet blanket and break the chain but I'm afraid I'll have to decline participation in the meme. I will think about it though and may add more information on my profile. Thanks again. I'm afraid the week will be extremely busy. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  5. Should I say thanks for tagging me? Scary but I did it, Carolyn, especially humbled after viewing 'the illustrated garden'. Loved your creative post ... VERY INTERESTING! These vignettes help us understand 'why we are what we are today' ... You're a dear!

  6. Who would have guessed you got up to so much mischief as a kid LOL?

    Thankyou for tagging me: my post is up
    8 Things You Don't Know about Me And You Have to Promise Not to Tell

  7. Ok! I have my '8 things' meme up!

  8. Thanks, Val, Gina, Ki, Joey and Muum for your comments and those of you who are participating.

  9. In spite of your early mischief, you turned out very well! I think you just needed to come to Chicago.


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