December 20, 2007


I am a frequent shopper at but had never visited their Home and Garden section until a few days ago. Boy was I surprised and amazed at their seed collection - over 17,000 different varieties.

Looking for something special ? Here are but a few unusual varieties :

A Black Sea Man Tomato ? What a colorful salad this would make .

Black Squash

Purple Spinach

A Mum that you cook with ( Chinese and Korean Cuisine )

Lemon Cucumbers

Purple Cauliflower

Purple Carrots

A Weird Shaped Broccoli

And my personal favorite - The Hillbilly Tomato . Shouldn't that be Redneck Tomato ? Seems it was re-discovered growing in the hills of West Virginia and when sliced open it reveals a starburst pattern.

EVERY thing you need in seeds-heirlooms, new varieties, for those who have large acreage there's seeds sold in the thousands, seeds for rare trees and plants, and every kind of seed accessory you can imagine.


  1. I don't grow edibles but the black squash I'd grow just for the color.

  2. Hi MBT. That black squash is cool, isn't it ?

  3. I've eaten a few of these funky coloured veggies, like the purple cauliflower and the Romanescu broccoli from outer space. Some of these vegs are interesting to look at but rather bland, however, I love the unique tomatoes. My favourite are called Black Krim (which is purple with dark green shoulders) and Caspian Pink. Delicious and colourful.
    There's a very cool book called 75 Exciting vegetables for your garden by Jack Staub that I recommend; it's a well written and entertaining look at some way cool veggies, many of which you'll probably find on the Amazon site.

  4. Thanks, Jodi. I'll have to check the book by Jack Staub out for some cool veggies.

  5. I had no idea that seeds were available through Amazon. Those are all cool-looking veggies and I'd love to try some. Who cares about taste when the colours and shapes are so wonderful?


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