December 18, 2007


I was invited for a consultation to the garden below . The homeowner, an avid gardener, wanted my advice on how to improve it. She had been gardening for many years and already had a very good beginning. Wiith a few additions and re-arrangements the garden was completed. The most unusual thing about this little urban sanctuary is that it is smack dab in the middle of tall skyscrapers. Imagine hundreds of eyes peering down on you from above.

Urban courtyard with winding paths and planter beds is perfect for small garden.

A lovely low deck with a bench and overhanging Hawthorn tree .

The front garden needed the most help-the bed was too narrow and needed enlarging and there was also hardly any structural shrubs so we went shopping at the garden center and selected a Korean lilac and some large boxwoods for evergreen interest.

I haven't been by the grand old mansion that has been on that busy street for a hundred years. I heard that she sold the house. I can't bear the thought that the beautiful garden she worked so hard on for many years is gone. No doubt there's a huge condo building there now.


  1. Welcome back! Thanks, Rosemarie, for your positive comment.

  2. I wish that these old houses were never demolished. It's always so sad to think of them gone ... along with their gardens (especially one like this!)

  3. Isn't that the truth, Kate ! The old houses on our block, well over a century old, are now free from the wrecking ball because we all got together and made it an historic district.

  4. That's a great thing to have done ... without historical designations, sometimes it is virtually impossible to stop development.

  5. Yes, it does seem as if everything in America is disposable. It isn't that way in Europe. I loved the old buildings when I visited Vienna.

    That is a lovely courtyard.

  6. You're right, kate.

    Robin, I agree with you. In Europe they preserve their historical buildings and that's what we need to do in this country if we're to have anything to show to future generations.


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